testimonial lovin’

I knew Jamie when I was a York 3MT 2020 finalist and she was one of the trainers in her capacity as a previous 3MT winner. I was impressed by her ability to give us very personalised feedback that showed how much attention she paid to our talks from the very beginning audition videos. She deftly compared and contrasted the differences among all the video versions she saw. She was very good at acknowledging the parts of our talk that worked and gave us constructive feedback and concrete advice for the parts on which she felt could be improved. I also appreciated that she did not force her changes on us but merely guided us to think about alternatives. I would highly recommend her for all proofreading/editing needs!

Rui Qi Choo
PhD Researcher, Language & Linguistics

Charlesworth Author Services has been working with Jamie since January 2020 and we have always found our commissioned content to be of high quality and delivered to agreed timelines. Jamie has an authoritative voice across both her webinar and article content which has been well received by the Charlesworth global academic researcher community.

Jean Dawson
Product Manager, Charlesworth Author Services

Jamie and I worked closely to develop the doctoral training and peer support project ‘How to Thrive and Survive in your PhD’, and she did an excellent job growing the project as the project coordinator from 2019-20. She is an excellent public speaker and doctoral research trainer – engaging, energetic, insightful, and a very clear communicator. She is both a confident and skilled independent professional and highly collaborative in her approach. It has been a pleasure working together and I certainly hope to again.

Sarah Masefield, Researcher, University of York

Jamie was extremely helpful when I was at crossroads in my academic career. She has given me very practical and honest advice regarding my research journey and about choosing the right supervisor. Her ‘starter-kit’ to starting my research path has been very valuable and I’m absolutely excited that I’ll soon be starting my Masters. Could not have done it without her encouragement and mentorship.

ELIZABETH CHONG, Research assistant, University of monash (Malaysia)

Jamie Khoo is one of the best coaches for me! She provided me with a 2-hour coaching session and improved my slides for the SiA conference. She listened to my rehearsal and helped me to improve my presentation skills! I really enjoy her relaxing and interesting teaching style! She is patient and professional in helping me to polish and edit my slides. She helped me to make my PPT clear and simple for the audience, so I really thank her very much! If you also need a tutor to offer you some suggestions on presentation, come and find Jamie! She is an ideal coach!

Siyu Chen
PhD Researcher, Women’s Studies

I thoroughly recommend working with Jamie. She is a natural collaborator, extremely well organised and always seeking to reflect and improve on past performance. Her motivation and drive to support students on their PhD journey has enabled her to plan and run a series of online workshops that have enhanced student wellbeing and sense of community, during an otherwise challenging time. In addition to her successful work as a the Thrive and Survive programme leader, Jamie is a powerful and authentic communicator, she writes with style, humour and compassion.

Francina Clayton
Researcher Developer, Research Excellence Training Team, University of York

I found my session with Jamie really enjoyable and productive. She put me at ease from the get-go. While being approachable, she maintained a professional approach and this I greatly appreciated.  I reached out to Jamie hoping to get tips with regards to my upcoming conference presentation and I am glad I did. She gave me practical tips with regards to how to organize the content of my paper so that I am able to communicate the main message of my work in a clear and succinct manner. As a newbie to presenting in conferences, I found her overall guidance on how to get the best out of such events very helpful.

Dila, PhD RESEARCHER, Politics
Coaching client