Postgraduate Researcher Training (universities)

Having worked with researcher developers and conducted training for fellow postgraduate researchers (PGRs) throughout my PhD, I have gained a strong understanding of the common issues faced by PhD students, and developed novel methods and practices for addressing these challenges.

I myself have recently completed my PhD (January 2021), and am therefore ‘near’ enough the experience of current PGRs to offer personal understanding and empathy for the difficulties of doctoral research, as well as practical suggestions for completing the programme with greater clarity and ease.

I offer training in two key areas:

The Messy PhD training:
Researcher wellbeing and work-life balance

Interactive workshops offering PGRs practical, creative methods to deal with the ‘messier’ aspects of doctoral research and to find greater researcher wellbeing and work-life balance (read more)

Public engagement and presentation skills

I bring my award-winning public engagement experience to help you craft stellar, stand-out content to get your research out to the people who matter most (read more)

If there is a specific training you would like to offer your PGRs, I would be happy to discuss your requirements with you further and develop a bespoke training for your institution. Please get in touch or email

the logistics

At this time, while most universities are still maintaining a blended approach to teaching, I am happy to conduct training for your institution both online (using Zoom) or in person.

For more information or to discuss my rates please contact me here or email