#JustWrite – replays and resources

Retreat workbook

Download the retreat workbook here:

Group coaching call schedule

Calls will alternate each week between 10am and 3pm BST. I will run two sessions for the very last call, to accommodate as many of you as possible so we can celebrate the end of the month!

  • Wed 1 Sep: 10am BST / 5am EST
  • Wed 8 Sep: 3pm BST / 10am EST
  • Wed 15 Sep: 10am BST / 5am EST
  • Wed 22 Sep: 3pm BST / 10am EST
  • Thurs 30 Sep: 10am BST/5am EST
  • AND Thurs 30 Sep: 3pm BST/10am EST

Use this link to join the calls:
Meeting ID: 825 2614 8763
Passcode: 367948

Daily Zoom writing sessions

Weekdays: 12pm – 5pm BST / 7am – 12pm EST

Write: Starting on the hour, for 45 minutes (e.g. 12pm, 1pm, 2pm etc.)
Break: Starting at 45 minutes past the hour for 15 minutes (e.g. 12.45pm, 1.45pm, 2pm etc.)

E.g Write: 12 – 12.45pm, followed by a break 12.45 – 1pm

Feel free to join any (or all) hourly session(s). So as not to disrupt an ongoing session, please either join on the hour to start a writing session, or during the breaks e.g. 1.45 – 2.00pm.

Use this link to join the calls:
Meeting ID: 825 2614 8763
Passcode: 367948

Training and group coaching call replays

1 Sept

Timestamps in training:

5.15: Preparation before you write
11.00: Create your rest plan first
16.12: Create your writing plan
20.14: Key reminder: set goals that are comfortable, not punishing
23.52: Planning extra time
31.20: Include play and rest time
36.25: Going through the workbook

37.55: Workbook: Setting retreat goals
39.27: Workbook: Breaking down your goals to ‘smaller’ tasks
41.04: Workbook: Planning your rest and work schedule through the month
43.34: Workbook: Setting your feeling intentions
50:52 Workbook: Weekly goals worksheets

8 Sept

Time stamps in training:

1.48: An overview of traditional writing plans
5.40: How to feel your way into your writing
6.40: How you can start writing without a plan – pick something that excites you
10.30: Let your research guide your writing
12.35: Some examples for writing without a plan: analysis/discussion

17.25: Some examples for writing without a plan: literature review
21.28: Alternative practices for ‘planning’ your work or working through your ideas
25.46: Staying on track / how not to totally lose the plot!

15 Sept

Training notes:

* Here’s a link to Brooke Castillo’s explanation of The Model

* Time stamps in training:

1.30: Overview of The Model
7.07: How are you currently feeling about writing?
8.04: The grubby (negative) feelings
11.52: What thoughts are informing your feelings?

13.43: How can you reframe your thoughts towards writing?
18.33: Examples of neutral thoughts/feelings
21.40: Reaching for good (better) feelings
28.21: How action fuels motivation

22 Sept

  • Training: Back to basics: Clarifying your writing and staying on track
  • Group call replay

PDF resources

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