'tis the #SeasonToBeJolly

It's that time of year for mulled wine, gingerbread...

countless parties and social events that bring more stress than they're worth...

planning the perfect (overpriced, hard-to-find) presents...

dreading reunions with relatives and their maddening comments/unsolicited advice/questions...

wrapping things up at work before the holidays...

and just. Sheer. Exhaustion.

You're so busy making sure everyone else has a perfect Christmas.

But what about YOU?

What are you doing FOR YOU?

From 6-10 Dec, I'm inviting you to a restful, feel-good online get-together in my Facebook group to GIFT YOURSELF some much-needed festive goodness:

More ease

More joy

More magic

All and only for you

Every day, for 5 days, you'll receive a prompt with one small but very doable thing you can do to offer yourself something delicious and cosy.

✳ So maybe that means you'll get to spend more time with your loved ones, and take the pressure of other social 'dos;

✳ maybe that's one full hour every day for total 'me time', where you get to shut the door on all the noise and to-dos;

✳ or maybe it's something as simple as 100% relishing your favourite holiday snack and a homemade gingerbread latte.

Enjoy a little more peace and quiet fun this season.

Breathe a little easier.

And unclench from all those holiday 'obligations'.

more joy ahead

Pop in your details and you'll be on your way to a gorgeous, restful, jolly festive season...

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