coaching rates and packages

discovery call

Before signing up for any coaching, I invite you to join me on a discovery call to discuss your goals and to ascertain what you hope to get from coaching. This is a chance for us to both see if we would work well together and if I can provide what you are looking for.

Please book your 30-minute discovery call with me here.

one-off coaching call

  • one hour coaching call
  • £60 per call

package of 3 coaching calls

  • 3 x one-hour coaching calls
  • £160 for the package
  • Calls to be scheduled and conducted within 3 months

package of 6 coaching calls

  • 6 x one-hour coaching calls
  • £300 for the package
  • Calls to be scheduled and conducted within 5 months

I do understand that finances can sometimes be a concern for many postgraduate research students. Please don’t let this deter you from considering coaching: I’d be more than happy to have a chat with you to find an arrangement that would work best for you. Please get in touch!

Note for all options except the monthly retainer:
These will be only coaching calls, to discuss a particular aspect of your PhD journey or to help you work through a specific problem/challenge (e.g. helping you with time management, helping you to be more productive and/or find motivation). These options do not include discussing specific pieces of work, but you’re welcome to send over some questions or topics of discussion before each call.

An additional note on coaching:
Coaching is not the same as academic supervision and as a coach, I will not be formally or directly checking or editing your written work. Your supervisors will provide the best guidance and advice for your academic progress and thesis.My role as a coach is to support your overall PhD journey, and to help you find the best practices and methods for you to be successful in your PhD research and in other academic activities that you might do during your PhD – e.g. conferences, 3MT, career development etc.