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Addressing body image and body-related issues has always been something very dear to me.

A lifetime of body-related insecurities and extreme weight-loss practices; years of writing for fashion magazines; and four years of academic research around beauty ideals – all these factors have converged to a wealth of experience in addressing the many small and big body anxieties that many of us deal with.

I have developed a yoga-based approach to help us find more peace in our relationship with our bodies. This method includes principles and practices of mindfulness, community-building and storytelling, and continues to inform the writing, thinking and work I do around bodies.

I don’t claim to have all (or any of) the answers, and I recognise that the journey to complete ease in and around our bodies is often a messy, complicated one. But I believe strongly in creating and upholding loving, safe, supported spaces for honouring our body stories and figuring out these anxieties together.

so, here’s what I can do for you


I welcome invitations to speak at conferences or events on issues around body- and self-image. Suggested topics:

  • storytelling around our bodies
  • using yoga to address body anxieties
  • redefining wellness and health
  • countering mainstream beauty ideals
  • body positivity / body acceptance 



‘”… but is she pretty?” How women respond to beauty ideals’: Three Minute Thesis presentation (2018)

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