Cheer & Goodness

Cheer & Goodness #1

I hope for Cheer & Goodness to be mini series of good, fun, uplifting things I’ll curate and pop into regular blog posts. It doesn’t always have to be big serious, long discussions, right? Sometimes, all it could take to kick us into a good day is a smashing playlist or something delicious to look forward to! So, here are some lovely things for this week:


A little more yin: A Spotify playlist of meditative tunes and mantras. Yin (of Yin/Yang) is about softness, retreating, slowing down – and we all need a little of that sometimes. 

This wonderful song from the inimitable Sara Bareilles (and one of my all-time favourites) about finding all the most gutsy parts of yourself, finding your voice and letting it be heard!

For those of you in lockdown right now and finding it hard to get out to nature, looking at gorgeous plant-related photos online can be a soothing alternative. One of my fave accounts right now is @mervsjungle (Also helps to lighten the heaviness and quietens the noise of social media. I’m hanging out a lot on this Houseplant Care (UK) Facebook group and it has made being online a much happier experience!)


Speaking of looking at beautiful things, I’ve been keeping this Pinterest board of cake going for almost 8 years now and while I could never be skilled enough to bake something this beautiful (my talents lie mainly in eating!), looking at this loveliness makes for a perfect work break. 

I ADORE Kino MacGregor and she’s recently been posting loads of free yoga videos on her YouTube channel. Here’s one of my favourite mini relaxing practices – great for winding down after a long day of writing/analysis/staring at the blank screen and hating everything.

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