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{CWG} Finding the right place to do your PhD

This article was originally published on Charlesworth Author Services Researcher Education blog

A successful, enjoyable PhD experience will not just be about the PhD.  As it will last at least three years (or more, depending on where you choose to go, and whether you do your PhD full-time or part-time), the PhD will form a significant part of your life and career.

It is therefore very important to look for a university that will not only promote your success as an academic, but also contribute to enriching your life in a holistic way. We outline below the key factors to consider when you’re looking for places to pursue a PhD programme.

Don’t be dazzled by prestige

It is helpful to understand that a university may top academic league tables, but the research of a particular department within that university may be relatively unknown – or be stronger in their taught programmes than their research. In other cases, a department may be recognised for producing high-profile, impactful research, and that department and its academics may be very well known within their field, but the university itself may feature lower down in overall rankings… [keep reading here]

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