Why is it that everything’s going as it should and everyone thinks you’re living a marvellous life – and still…


You feel fat and think you look like a potato
● That smug b*tch at the office is getting on your last damn nerve
● Your mother wants to know why you’re still single
You can’t remember the last time you felt excited about, well, anything
● You’re sick of all your friends bragging about their lives
● You haven’t been able to play music / write fiction / dance / make jam since forever
● Above all, you’re just So. Fucking. Tired.

Why does it feel
so unmoored, so on edge,
so damn messy?

I get it. I promise I do. I’ve felt everything up on that list – and more. I often still feel all those feelings now.

But I also know how to get myself out of that deep blue funk a lot quicker now and I’d love nothing more than for you to get there too.

If you’d like a little extra support to:

★ untangle the messiness of whatever you’re going through
★ find some relief from the overwhelm
★ spark some of that old joy again
★ or just to feel a little less shit

I’m your girl. I’m in your corner, holding your hand, plying you with plenty of cake and tea, ready to dump a bucketload of metaphorical glitter over you as you find the most joyful, ecstatic, easy ways to live in your own gorgeous mess and be totally, 111% okay with it.

I invite you to a totally free 30-minute joy-up clarity call with me.

I’ll introduce you to my signature M.E.S.S.Y method (more to come soon!), brainstorm-braindump with you, and uncover AT LEAST ONE TINY THING you can do right now to feel more ease, joy, clarity and energy.

No pressures. No obligations. No mess.

Just 30 minutes of a listening ear and a fucking big dose of feel-good.

I can’t wait to speak with you! Let’s go!

jamie khoo

the messy coach

want to move from mess to magic? let’s go!

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