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Hello! I’m thrilled that you’re here.

So, you’re trying to do good research. Or pass your PhD. Or just get through the next week of research with a little more ease.
And sure, you’ve done all the training for ‘how to’ do your PhD. But what about all the other in-between, messy, ‘icky’ parts of doing research? When things go wrong, when you feel alone, or you just can’t find the motivation to write another damn word. #PhDLife can be a right mess.
This is where I can help you. I offer group training and 1:1 coaching to help you work through these messy parts of research, to find better strategies for working with greater ease, joy and clarity. I’m here to help you love your research and do the very best work you can be proud of.

Let’s get messy!

‘messy PhD’ training

Interactive workshops that offer postgraduate students practical & creative methods to deal with the ‘messier’ aspects of doctoral research: the emotional side of doing research, unexpected problems during the PhD, procrastination, academic confidence, and wellbeing

public engagement training

I bring my award-winning public engagement experience to help you craft stellar, stand-out content to get your research out to the people who matter most

1:1 PhD coaching

The PhD journey can be tough, but also thoroughly enjoyable. I can work with you on various aspects of PhD work and life to help you create excellent research, joyfully

editing * proofreading

I’ll help you polish up your writing – whether it’s academic essays and dissertations/theses, or other forms of writing

what they’re saying

musings, reflections, playlists, yoga practices and everything in between

this isn’t my first rodeo

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